Ride With us to DC for Climate Justice!

Join Buddhist Global Relief’s Compassionate Action Community in NYC on a Rolling Retreat aboard the Triple Gem Express.

Chartered buses will depart New York City around 6am and return between 7-8 pm.

Guest speakers will conduct teach-ins on the importance of climate justice, halting fracking and what we can do to help in small ways and large.  Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi will lead us in meditation and provide a Dhamma talk so that we approach the march from a place of skillfulness and wisdom.  Join friends and make new ones on this historic Buddhist caravan to our nation’s capital.

Tickets on sale now and prices are as follows:

Guaranteed Seat on Rolling Retreat
Full price bus ticket
$20.00 deductible
-2 lifetimes
++ Amped up Good Karma!!
Guaranteed Seat on Rolling Retreat
Mid-range bus ticket
$10.00 deductible
-1 lifetime
Guaranteed Seat on Rolling Retreat
Supported bus ticket

If you’d like to purchase tickets, select one of the options above.  If you’d like more information about this action, please fill out the form below and the site administrator will get back to you.