CAS Field Trip!


“Will there be critters, Pa?!”

Ellie May with Raccoon

“Critters, Pa!”


One of the best little rescue houses in all of upstate New York, the Catskill Animal Sanctuary rescues farmed animals. They provide lush hillsides and plenty of yummy chow for previously imprisoned creatures and make sure their every need is provided for, belly rubs included.  Their needs will be in our capable hands on June 24th, when we head up to Saugerties to tour the farm, get to know the critters, then set about doing their bidding on the home front.  So, pull up your sleeves, lace up those boots, and let’s commence to working, y’all!


Gimme The Deets!

On Saturday, June 24th, we’re going to head up in a 15-seat passenger van.  Meeting place on the Upper West Side, specific address to be determined soon!


  • 7 am–leave city
  • 9:45 am–arrive at the Sanctuary
  • 10-11:30 am–tour facility and meet the critters
  • 11:30a-12p–lunch break
  • 12-3pm–volunteer projects

We should be back in the city by 6pm, just in time for a disco nap!

We offer three price ranges to cover the cost of the van, including low-cost/student seats.  Hooray!! Register today! Click on Henrietta below for your ticket option:




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