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We are living in a time of mass murder and almost infinite exploitation.  No, I’m not talking about school shootings, toxic masculinity or white supremacy, though those issues are threaded throughout our culture.  I’m talking about the unfettered outgrowth, the manifestation of all that is unwholesome in human beings:  that […]

Buddhists, it’s Time to Rebel Like Hell

Large group of Buddhists marching in NYC
On Saturday, March 24th, Compassion NYC partnered with Buddhist Action Coalition to mobilize an inter-sangha contingent for the March for our Lives.  This was BAC’s inaugural event.  Over 75 New York City area Buddhists joined together to protest gun violence in our schools, churches, theaters–in our society as a whole.  […]

NYC Buddhists March for our Lives

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Buddhists at the Peoples Climate March, 2017. Compassion NYC thanks Caroline Contillo for participating in Compassion NYC and Buddhist Global Relief’s Triple Gem Rolling Retreat and for sharing her article with us, which originally appeared on Lion’s Roar.    Stepping off the Buddhist retreat bus in DC on Saturday, two […]

Buddhists March on Washington, DC

syrian refugee help
Buddhists Put Compassion in Action in NYC We’ve all heard about the refugee crisis.  We’ve seen their images on the news or read about them in the newspaper. But how much do we really know about the daily struggles faced by the Syrian refugees?  We watch or read news, but […]

Compassion NYC Sends a Lifeline to Syrian Refugees

From NYC–>DC:  Buddhist Global Relief Stands up for Clean Energy! On July 24th, Buddhist Global Relief joined over 10,000 others in Philadelphia to make their voices heard for Clean Energy legislation. Environmental and health activists found the timing, just before the democratic national convention, apt.  Traveling with the Buddhist and […]

BGR Joins Clean Energy March in Philadelphia

Compassion in Action
9/11 Day of Service in New York City This past Sunday marked the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in New York City and Washington DC.  It also marked the 14th anniversary of the organization 9/11 Day, founded by David Paine and Jay Winuk, whose brother Glenn lost his life […]

Compassion NYC Joins 9/11 Day to Help Hungry in NYC