CAS Field Trip

CNYC Goes Country!

Group photo outside at Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Do you dream of kissing a pig or discussing Foucault with a foal?  Ever had a non-human best friend?  Then this upstate junket may be just up your alley. Join Compassion NYC on it’s second annual Catskill Animal Sanctuary field trip!  On  Saturday, July 7th, we’ll board the Compassion Van and leave the busy environs of New York City to visit a land of kindness and compassion–the Catskill Animal Sanctuary!

The Sanctuary is a 148-acre refuge in New York’s Hudson Valley for eleven species of farmed animals rescued from cruelty, neglect, and abandonment.  The Catskill Animal Sanctuary has provided a safe haven for over 4,000 farmed animals and has found loving homes for many of them.  Hundreds of them call the Sanctuary home.  Our mission?  Make it homier!

Get Dirty!

We will spend the day meeting and tending to the critters.  Because this is an all-day event in which we’ll be doing a lot of walking and working, please dress comfortably with clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.  Wear comfortable shoes, preferably a type of hiking shoe or boot.  Remember to bring a hat and sunscreen as well–there are no buildings to block the sun up in the country!

Please note:

Please read and respect the Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s food policy:

  • Vegan Policy: Out of respect for our mission and the values we uphold, we require that any food brought on-site be vegan and free of anything from an animal (flesh, milk, eggs, etc). We are happy to recommend nearby restaurants that have vegan options for after your visit and have a handout to help in this regard as well.


Tickets aboard the Compassion Van now available!