Philip Murphy

About Philip Murphy

Philip Murphy took refuge in the Triple Gem in 1997 at the Cambridge (MA) Insight Meditation Center, and has served as a director at CIMC, Insight Meditation Center of the Pioneer Valley (Easthampton, MA), and the New York Insight Meditation Center. He serves a longtime advisor and New York City chapter leader at global Buddhist animal advocacy organization Dharma Voices for Animals and is a charter member of the Buddhist Action Coalition NYC and of Extinction Rebellion NYC.

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We are living in a time of mass murder and almost infinite exploitation.  No, I’m not talking about school shootings, toxic masculinity or white supremacy, though those issues are threaded throughout our culture.  I’m talking about the unfettered outgrowth, the manifestation of all that is unwholesome in human beings:  that […]

Buddhists, it’s Time to Rebel Like Hell